Hookah Product Tips

Hookah Product Tips

We suggested NOT running water through the hose unless it is sold as a washable hose. Simply blow air through the hose after/before each use to blow out the particles inside the hose to prolong your hose life.

If you're getting coal ash when you smoke then remove all the charcoals from the bowl and place them on the hookah tray. Pull the clay bowl off the hookah and hold it upside down and blow from underneath the bowl to push out the ash and build up in the bowl. You should see ash being cleared from the bowl. Then after a few blows through the bowl place the bowl back on the hookah and put the charcoals back on top and resume smoking.

It is recommended that you put the water in your base first before putting in the ice. It cools the smoke better and keeps your base from breaking.

If you have lost the ball bearing, you can make one by rolling a small piece of foil into a ball that fits perfectly (i.e. loosely (but not tightly) into the exhaust pipe compartment.

You can store your shisha tobacco at room temperature but it must remain in an airtight container (i.e. Tupperware, jar, zip lock bag, etc.). This will keep your tobacco from drying up and losing its flavor.

Dry tobacco can be rejuvenated by marinating it with fruit preserves such as organic marmalade and jam and then refrigerating it for a few hours. You can also marinate fresh tobacco with jams just to mix flavors. Be careful not to overload the jam and mainly concentrate on the fruity bits.

When you realize that your tobacco is getting a little dry put a little honey (enough to fill a pen cap for every 2 bowls is a good amount) inside the tobacco and mix well with tongs or fingers. This will allow the tobacco to burn slower and not have a harsh taste that dry tobacco has. It STILL is better to buy fresh tobacco, but a good solution if you're in a bind.

If your bowl ever becomes loose when you are smoking, this is due to "shisha juice" or sometimes heat expansion that causes your hookah clay bowl to loose its seal. There is a quick and easy remedy for this: tear a 1 inch wide strip of napkin or paper tower and tightly wrap it around your bowl grommet, then place down the bowl over it. This will help to soak up moisture and keep you bowl fitting firmly and more air-tight. This is most helpful when fitting any "Mod, or Mini" hookah purchased from us that come with a Clay "Mod" Bowl and the thick white bowl grommet.

When fitting a hookah shaft to a replacement hookah base on your own it can be tricky achieving the perfect fit. So here are some methods getting the fit just right for you: If your hookah shaft and glass base grommet are a little too thick to fit into your replacement base you can shave the grommet down a little to thin it out. Now if your shaft and glass base grommet is not thick enough then take off the grommet and wrap electrical, duct, or even scotch tape around the shaft where it fits into the base. Then replace the glass bowl grommet over the tape (keeping the tape hidden) and add or remove tape as necessary to achieve a snug fit.

Also when fitting your shaft into the base, if it's a little snug and hard to get into the base, it's helpful to wet down the rubber grommet with water or oil for a smooth easy fit. Here is a tip for all hookahs that feature an Auto seal system or a One-way Release valve that requires a small ball bearing. Here is a tip to help keep that ball bearing from sticking in the hookah shaft. Grease or oil your ball bearings for this will help prevent rust or corrosion down the road. Things like car grease, butter, or Crisco can be effective for this.

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