Our Best Flavors

Blended with the finest tobacco and most unique flavors for your desire, Cloud Tobacco has flavors that are original, designed specifically for your smoking needs. Here are some of our newest creations:
  • Lemon Mint

    What can be more relaxing then the fresh combination of […]
  • Top Secret

    This is Cloud Tobacco’s favorite blend. A mix of all […]
  • Tangarine

    It is more of Cloud Tobacco’s citrus, tropical flavors. Tangerine […]
  • Strawberry

    Strawberries make everything better. When we think of strawberries, we […]
  • Sky High

    Enjoy the tropical experience all over again. Picture yourself on […]
  • Remix

    If a strong, special blend is what you try, check […]
  • Pineaple x

    Enjoy that pina colada on the beach. That is the […]
  • Peach

    It’s peach pie and the fresh smell of a bakery […]
  • Melon Split

    With Melon Split, every day will feel like summer. Enjoy […]
  • Mango

    If a strong tobacco flavor is what you desire, you […]
  • Lemon

    Lemon is the flavor we all think of when we […]
  • Guava

    Enjoy the strong, rich taste of this special creation brought […]

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