Our Best Flavors

Blended with the finest tobacco and most unique flavors for your desire, Cloud Tobacco has flavors that are original, designed specifically for your smoking needs. Here are some of our newest creations:
  • Double Apple

    Enjoy the fresh combination of Michigan’s finest red and green […]
  • Mango Sweet

    This Cloud Tobacco creation will paint the picture that you […]
  • Grapefruit Mint

    At Cloud Tobacco, we like our citrus flavors and we […]
  • Cinnamon

    Enjoy the sweet and spicy taste of cinnamon that enhances […]
  • Passion Mint

    Try our fresh, tropical fruits combined with fresh mint, try […]
  • Shshajuana

    If an herbal taste is what you crave, try Shshajuana […]
  • Orange

    Enjoy the juicy, citrus flavor of oranges packaged with the […]
  • Cloud 9

    Cloud Tobacco’s main creation, the Cloud 9 hookah flavor is […]
  • Mint

    This powerful combination of peppermint and spearmint, Cloud Tobacco’s Mint […]
  • Blue Peach

    Enjoy the sweet combination of berry goodness and the mild, […]
  • Vodka Lemonade

    Imagine a fresh-squeezed cup of lemonade, with a strong shot […]
  • Gummy Bear

    It’s your childhood favorite candy, combined with the sweet and […]

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